Drain Cleaning/ Repair

What is this service?

If you face drainage problems in your home, then it is time to contact a Drain Cleaning service. A small fix can lead to a longer lifespan for the drain system. Moreover, all the unwanted particles would be removed and made sure they are not coming back anytime soon. For these reasons and more, it is recommended to get drain cleaning done as soon as possible. 

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How Drain Cleaning Is Done

Cleaning and repair

Drainage problems are some of the most common problems that occur in a home. It can cause a slow or complete drain blockage.
Here we tell you everything you need to know before hiring a drain cleaning service.


How Drain Cleaning Is Done

There is no need to worry about drain cleaning as there are no harmful chemicals involved in the process. It is done with the right equipment and precautions. Usually, a drain cleaning service is carried out with the following steps.


If there is no major issue with your drainage, then a simple drain auger will take away all the obstruction and particles causing the clog.

  2. Firstly, the drainage is checked by using different tools for pipe inspection.
  3. After getting the images and video on the monitor, the plumbers determine the best approach.
  4. A hydro-jetter is inserted into the line to clean out all the water with high pressure
  5. Once again, video inspections are carried out to ensure the job is done.

Difference between Drain Clearing and Drain Cleaning

In Drain Clearing, only the clog is removed. It does not thoroughly clean the entire system.
In a Drain cleaning service, the pipes are fully flushed out.
In fewer words, drain clearing only does the surface job, while drain cleaning sanitizes every small particle that can cause clogging.

Why Hire a Professional Handyman Service for Drain Cleaning?

You can find many reliable companies, like frankhandymanservice.com, providing drain cleaning services with the assist of skilled and expert workers.

Professional Handyman Service